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What I've been up to past 2 weeks..   
02:02pm 08/09/2004
mood: accomplished
Vixen I drew
Taurs I sketched
Panther I did
Another Panther
Polar Bear
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12:03pm 02/09/2004
  Once upon a time I drove this car..
this is an aweosme and very accurate review..I'd love to go out and buy one..
it's an awesome car to drive
12:27pm 12/08/2004
  Take the quiz: "What Kind of Soul Do You Retain?"

You haven't lived an all-so-happy life, and it's taken it's toll. Malice and cynicsm rotate around all your thoughts, and you are always prepared for the worst.
04:14pm 16/06/2004
  Something I have been up to..  
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Don't do drugs..   
11:42am 03/06/2004








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Food for thought...   
10:13am 17/02/2004
  Perspective is everything...it dictates your experience...and may or may not reflect actual reality.
Perspective dictates your reality because that's how you experience it.
Thus to change only your perspective, can be a life changing thing.
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Just a couple of pics..   
09:15pm 16/02/2004
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08:48pm 16/02/2004
  Had a nice day today.
Went swimming for a few hours, then out for icecream.
Redyed my hair.
Looks much more intense.
I'll hafta take a pictcha tomorrow ;0)
Have a good night everyone!
04:00pm 15/02/2004
  The funeral was awful, to be expected of funeral's I suppose. I was sad Kevin couldn't be there, I know he would have wanted to be.
The rest of the trip was ok.
We went and checked out a couple of Value Villages, bought K a bunch of stuff, some stuff for the kids and some toys, I got a couple more shirts, they were cool.
Yesterday I checked out this awesome new store I found in Edmonton called the Sanctuary. I was thrilled, lots and lots of interesting stuff. I bought a few pairs of fish nets, and some pink, purple and blue hair dye. Last night I streaked my hair with blond, today I did the sides a dark purple and the top a dark pink, looks pretty subtle, but pretty cool I think.
Went and built a snow fort out there today, froze my butt I think, snow's still pretty cold. =0P
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08:08pm 30/01/2004
  shovelling snow is just no fun at all..none...=0P  
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I just had to share this pic...   
12:50pm 30/01/2004
mood: bouncy
I think *brat* runs in the family....heehee
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Here's my new doggie Emma. And my old doggie Clifford.   
12:35pm 30/01/2004
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10:02am 30/01/2004
mood: cheerful
Hey my youngest boy won the math award!
I am SOOO proud!
Hafta get all gussied and get down to the school and take some pics.
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08:24pm 29/01/2004
  Time for my Alias fix...
go Jennifer..go!
Going to Deadmonton Saturday..gonna stay at the Palace, gonna be a good time..=0)
I'm going to look for a black trench coat...and do some second hand shopping..find some cool scarves..
Gonna check out that Alberta Truck & Auto place, see if there are any good deals..
Have a good eve...
02:10pm 29/01/2004
  Who knew marketing a site was so hard.
No really it is not as easy as it looks.
Looking for ideas and suggestions...
09:30am 28/01/2004
mood: cold
Wow is it ever cold around these parts.
Windchill of -54C yesterday.
We have ice fog.
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07:45pm 21/01/2004
  I just wanted to say hi to everyone.
It's been a long time.
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